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An overnight slumber party for your pets!

At Nirvana, we offer over-night boarding on a small scale, in order to provide a more relaxed, personal service.


 *ALL dogs must be current daycare customers prior to boarding* 

We cannot accept dogs for boarding who have not acclimated to daycare because we do not us kennels or runs. 


Because our concept is a very communal, pack-oriented boarding environment, dogs must get along well with other dogs and not jump gates or be nuisance barkers. We do not have chain link dogs runs, therefore all dogs must fit into our pack environment, or we will not be able to accommodate them.  

If your dog has not spent nights away from you in some time (or ever) please plan ahead and consider booking a trial stay.


Dog Boarding Pricing


1-7 nights = $48 per night
8+ nights = $45

*discounted rates for multiple boarding dogs


Drop off & Pick up

Your dog may be dropped off and picked up any time during our business hours.

A $10 daycare fee will apply to dogs dropped off before 1pm and picked up after 3pm.

Sleeping Kitten

Cat Boarding Prices

1-7 nights = $30 per night
8+ nights = $24/night

*discounted rates for multiple boarding cats

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Our canine guests also enjoy the feeling of boarding at a home away from home. Our 3000 square feet worth of daycare space becomes a slumber party by night. Dogs are taken out for a final evening walk and then allowed to choose their own bed or sleeping area for the night.

For dogs who are not comfortable with other dogs, we do have a limited amount of boarding spaces available as well. We do appreciate a few days notice in order to make sure space is available
for such dogs.

Dogs must be up to date with the following vaccinations:
Canine parvovirus
Canine parainfluenza
Canine adenovirus.
*Puppies need to have had two sets of shots minimum.

In order to go for walks, your dog must have a valid municipality licence.

Please do not bring your dogs own beds, bowls or toys. We have lots, and would not want your dogs favorite items to be chewed by other dogs.

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We offer overnight cat boarding on a limited basis.

Our catty-shack can currently accommodate up to 5 cats at a time. Each feline guest has their own personal area for eating, drinking, sleeping and using the litter-box. They get daily housekeeping, food and water refills, and LOTS of attention from our staff. All boarding cats are always kept separate unless from the same household.

Cats must be up to date with the following vaccinations:

Panleukopenia (FVP)

Rhinotracheitis (FVR)

Feline Viral Respiratory Disease Complex: herpesvirus (FHV) and calicivirus (FCV).

Kittens need to have had two sets of shots minimum.

Please note that if your cat is not up to date with its vaccines, it will not be able to stay with us, so it is always best to get us to check out your cat's records before he or she is scheduled to stay with us!

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